Welcome to Journey to the Dream. This is our blog series where we interview and celebrate our fellow creators in the industry! 

Not only do we want to be an agency where we can create a space for our client’s dreams to come to life, but we also want to support creatives on how they are making their dreams come true too. 

This week we sit down with Denice @Dryaedis not only an incredibly talented make-up artist but a beautiful soul too. Here’s Denice and her Journey To The Dream:

1. To begin with, could you share a little about yourself? 
Hi, I’m Denice and I’m 23. I’m from Hamburg, Germany, and currently undergoing vocational education and training (a dual apprenticeship) to become a forwarding agent! Content creation is my hobby, not my main job.

2. What’s your favourite part of your day as a Content Creator?
Taking the final photos and evaluating which one is the best shot. Seeing it come together and become a reality from what I imagined, over seeing it in the mirror and then how beautiful of a shot I can get is beyond satisfying to me. Other than that definitely uploading and seeing all sorts of reactions flood in (especially when it’s an eye roll shot!).

3. What’s been your favourite career moment so far and why?
That’s a great question and honestly not one I can answer confidently. I’ve had so many great moments — when NARS contacted me one time I was ecstatic, but also when I’ve collaborated with someone or really feeling the love from friends I’ve made in the industry or from brands who truly support me. This right here is one of these incredible moments too! I love it when I get to talk on my stories about something really personal too and pour my heart out in all its awkwardness and am always met with support and solidarity.

4. Who’s the most inspiring person you’ve met and why?
Can I nominate my partner? Outside of the industry and Instagram as a whole it’d be definitely him. Never met anyone more zen, wise and inspiring. But within the industry there’s plenty – too many to list honestly. From professional make up artists like Celine Bernaerts (who’s always been incredibly kind in her DMs! (@celinebernaerts) to bigger creators like Mei Pang (@meicrosoft) with her calming and gentle energy, all the way to dear friends and/or fellow creators in the community like the hilarious and very thoughtful Lena (@faceonomics) and beautiful, kind Jessica (@jessiscg). Inspiration is such a fickle thing in my opinion and very dependent on my current mood, but any time I feel in a funk I like to go to their feeds or their stories and always feel uplifted and inspired.

5. What advice would you give to someone wanting to achieve where you are today?
Have patience and do things YOU actually like. Don’t try to stuff yourself into a box you don’t belong in. If you don’t like fake lashes or glossy lids, don’t force yourself to do looks with them. Once you find your groove (and that may take some experimenting and time and a ton of patience) everything starts to feel right, and people can feel that. I’ve done looks only to appease the algorithm and meet my posting quota or to hop on a trend and those are almost all archived. Do content that feels like ‘you’ and be authentic. Also, it takes time! I just celebrated my two-year anniversary, so it really doesn’t happen overnight.

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