This week we sit down with our Co-founder, Fay (@fayholmespr). Not only do we want to be an agency where we can create a space for our client’s dreams to come to life, but we also want to celebrate our fellow creators in the industry and how they are making their dreams come true too.

To begin with, could you share with us a little about yourself?
Hello, I’m Fay. I’m based in East London and I’m Co-founder and PR/Marketing Director for Dreamville Creative.

What’s your favourite part of your day as a Co-founder and PR/Marketing Director?
I would say my favourite part of my day is being able to connect with unique and interesting people in the creative industry. Even though right now I’m communicating with them virtually, it’s still the best part of my day…I love discovering new influencers too, especially those who are considered as ‘nano’ or ‘micro’.

What’s been your favourite career moment so far and why? 
Favourite career moment has to be going freelance and launching Dreamville Creative! It was naturally an uncertain feeling taking the plunge and walking away from full-time employment, but I had an intense desire to go out on my own, thankfully it’s all working out and it’s truly the best career decision I’ve ever made.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to achieve where you are today?
If you have an idea or a feeling to do something differently in your career – go for it. I sometimes think I waited too long to make a change, but when it’s time and you get that bubbling feeling – you must just go for it.

What advice would you give to someone trying to get into the PR industry?
Even if you didn’t study a PR related course at University you can still work your way into the industry. My advice would be to research PR agencies in your nearest city, contact them to see if there are any internships or work experience opportunities. I understand unpaid isn’t ideal, but if you do just two weeks here and there at different agencies for a few months (even if you just do part-time hours), this will not only strengthen your CV to help you stand out but it shows you are willing, dedicated and driven to make it in the industry.

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