Welcome to ‘Journey to the Dream’. This is our blog series where we interview and celebrate our fellow creators in the industry! 

Not only do we want to be an agency where we can create a space for our client’s dreams to come to life, but we also want to support creatives on how they are making their dreams come true too.

This week we sit down with Aaron Nelson not only an exceptionally talented Graphic Designer but a wonderful person too. Here’s Aaron and his Journey to The Dream:

To begin with, could you share with us a little about yourself?
My name is Aaron Nelson and I am a freelance Graphic Designer from London.

What’s your favourite part of your day as a Freelance Graphic Designer?
The start of the day for sure, my brain is teeming with ideas before starting my working day.

What’s been your favourite career moment so far and why?
There are many! Designing and working with a number of well-established musicians. Another career highlight is two years ago, I spent a few months volunteering in Calais with Help Refugees. The team I worked with discovered my creative skills and I was given the chance to design posters & campaigns for local Non-Governmental Organisations in France.  

Who’s the most inspiring person you’ve met and why?
My parents first and foremost as well as painter Dreph, I recently saw him give a panel discussion in a South London gallery. Hearing him tell stories of being a prolific graffiti writer in the 1980s, painting tube trains & UK Hip Hop culture to eventually becoming a world-renowned conceptual artist. The key to success was keeping the ‘can-do’ graffiti attitude throughout his career. It struck a nerve, as I have followed a similar path transferring my graffiti skills and attitudes professionally into Graphic Design. Do not forget your foundations because they are the key ingredients to whom you have become today. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to achieve where you are today?
1. Keep your integrity and don’t be afraid to take risks.
2. Read, think and educate yourself.
3. Don’t work for A***holes and if your client doesn’t have a budget .. walk away. 

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